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Wasps are usually seen more in summer seasons. If it’s a perfect sunny day and you are sitting outside in your home backyard or garden place in Hoppers Crossing. Hence you are spending some time with your family and friends. And at the same time if you hear a wheezing sound. It’s a sign of wasps having arrived, in our place, and started disturbing you. 

Therefore no one likes to entertain wasps on their property. Pest Control Hoppers Crossing is working for wasp removal in Hoppers Crossing. Hence our wasp removal Hoppers Crossing team can help you for giving effective service. You can call us 03 4050 7852.

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Most Commonly Found Wasps species

However, some species of wasp are more amenable or some are very violent. So, you should first decide which type of wasp you have in your house or office place. For that, you can contact our Wasps removal experts in Hoppers Crossing. 

Here Are The Different Varieties Of Wasps

  • Three Most Common Species Of Wasps Are:

Paper Wasps

This type of wasp is found mostly black or brown in colour and red colour markings were present on their body. So, usually, this wasp builds roost under the shed of the house. 


This species of wasp is usually found in distinct colour markings. This species is very common throughout the world. Hence these wasps live in colonies and build nests inside structures or on the ground to protect the group. 


This species looks very different from yellow jackets. Hence Hornets build nests on high trees or sturdy woody plants. Hence, hornets wasps are a community based and they should not string easily till the time they get disturbed. 

Identification of the wasp species is always very important for addressing them. Therefore taking wasp professional advice is always better, you can call us Pest Control Hoppers Crossing Now!

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Yards?

  • Avoid things that will attract wasps to enter your yard: 
  • Food leftovers

Although, wasps will come in search of food. You can not keep wasps from noticing your cookout altogether. Hence wasps are attracted to grill drippings and meat scraps. You should have to take care, do not leave the food in your yard and surrounding places. 

  • Flowers

Wasps are especially attracted to flower plants. Wasps attracted to strong perfume fragrances. Hence avoid planting flowers in your home balconies and inside the home.

  • Sugar

Hence wasps would like to eat food with a good source of sucrose. They will get into your yard in search of food. Therefore wasps will seek out fruit juice, soda cans, and fallen fruit from trees.

Professionals Plan To Get Rid Of Wasps

  • Destroy Wasp Nests

We always use the utmost caution with wasp pest-control substances. And using every product according to the label directions. We will treat the nests with a substance designed to eliminate the wasps inside their nests. 

  • Property inspection

Our expert team visits your place for a complete inspection. Hence they will understand the nature and severity of wasps infestation and the location of the nest. If you have multiple kinds of wasps on your property. So, we will identify each species and create a customized treatment plan to address them.

  • Pre-purchase wasp inspection

We do offer timely pre-purchase wasp inspection options in Hoppers Crossing. So, if you are planning to buy a property do call our wasp removal Hoppers Crossing specialists for a pre-inspection.

  • Emergency wasp control services 

We are providing you with quick and accurate wasp elimination services at Hoppers Crossing and nearby locations. In case of wasp control emergencies, you can trust us. Our trained team can assist you with a short notice service.

24/7 Expert Same Day Services


Q. Can we book the same-day service for wasp removal in Hoppers Crossing?

Yes, You are free to call us any time for same-day wasps removal service at Hoppers Crossing and nearby locations. Our team will reach you on short notice.

Q. Are your wasp removal pesticides safe for my children and pets?

Yes, We are preferring the use of environment and child and pet-friendly wasp removal solutions. All chemicals are made suited for Australian conditions, it leaves no stains or has no odour.

Q. Why does professional help need to get rid of yellow jacket wasps?

Yellow Jacket nests come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Yellowjackets are incredibly aggressive pests that attack people and animals if they suspect their nest is in danger. There are chances of getting harm from Yellowjacket wasps while removing them.