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Almost all properties have some kind of wood material. There can be wooden frames, windows, beams, doors, floor, other wooden structural belongings, etc. All these wooden materials need to be damage-free in order to make your property look good. However, if these wooden elements get exposed to borers, they can completely destroy them. This will not only harm your property’s structural integrity but can also cost you a lot of money.

At Pest Control Hoppers Crossing, we deliver top-notch borer treatments in an effective manner. We can prevent your house or commercial premises from getting severely damaged by a borer infestation. However, the more you wait to reach out, the more severe the damage will be. So, make sure to contact our borer control Hoppers Crossing team as soon as possible. Also, you can speak to us 24*7.

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What Exactly Are Borers?

Borers are little pests that feed on wood. What they do is, dig through your wooden belongings. Then they slowly consume the inside of your wooden belongings. Because they often remain inside the wood, it is hard for people to know when they have a borer infestation. All the tunnels they make can weaken the wood. Moreover, the material can not take all the pressure and fall apart. Here are some things that you should know about wood borers. 

  • There are multiple species and varieties of wood borers.
  • Adult wood borers lay their eggs inside the wood cracks and crevices. 
  • When the egg starts to mature. Also, they immediately start feeding on the wood and they begin burrowing deep into the wood. 
  • This cycle keeps on repeating until a professional extermination step is not taken. Therefore, if you will avoid a borer infestation for a long period the damage will be severe. The damage can even be irreplaceable. 

How To Identify Different Species Of Wood Borer? 

  • Furniture Beetle: In Australia, furniture beetles are very common. Moreover, they are well-known for causing a lot of damage in Australian cities. These pests have an oval-shaped appearance and have a dark brown colour. They are 2.8-4.6 mm in length. The female species lay their eggs inside the wood. You can find these beetles in all kinds of wood. However, they prefer a damp environment. 
  • Powderpost Beetles: These beetles are also called lyctus borers. They are almost the same as furniture beetles. They have their own family line which consists of around 70 other species. An adult beetle of this species can be around 4-20mm in length. After a period of time, this beetle can turn your wood into dust. They can feed on the hardwood as well as softwood.  
  • Lesser Auger Beetle: This species of borer can create havoc inside your property. Moreover, finding their infestation zone can be very difficult. They have a cylindrical body shape. They are around 2-3.6 mm in width and 5-12mm in length. These beetles can be brownish-black and brownish-red in colour. They can chew on any hardwood belonging to you. 
  • European House Borer: This species of beetle can grow around 7.8-20mm. It has fur that covers its body. Therefore, although being black and brown in colour, they look grey. Moreover, these beetles can live from 2 years to 10 years. These beetles can be seen infesting softwood, fir, spruce, and sapwood. They are very attracted to fresh wood. Therefore, you can usually find them in new houses. 

Different Wood Borer Treatments We Provide The People Of Hoppers Crossings

✔ Wood Borer Inspection And Removal

Not looking to spend a lot of money on wood repairs? Then you will have to make sure that there are no borers present in your house. Regular borer inspection will be a lot cheaper for you than all the damage repair done by borers. Set your priorities right. So, reach out to us now for wood borer treatment. 

✔ Domestic Wood Borer Control

Does your house have some signs of a borer infestation? Well, get in touch with us before it is too late to save your house’s wood. Moreover, our insecticides for wood boring beetles are eco-friendly. So, your family will be safe from all the toxic chemicals. So, call us now. 

✔ Restaurant Wood Borer Control

Most restaurants have a wooden interior. Having a borer infestation in a restaurant can be a nightmare. Make sure that your nightmare does not end up being a day of terror. So, give us a ring for locust borer treatment any time. We can work to help you after your opening hours. 

✔ Pre-purchase Wood Borer Inspection

Now that you know that having a borer infestation can cost you a ton of money. Then you need to make certain that whenever you invest in a property, you get it inspected. You can always depend on us for pre-purchase borer inspection. 

✔ Emergency Wood Borer Control Service

We will not leave your hand in cases of emergencies. Our company has your back. So, you can unhesitantly contact us for emergency wood borer control. 

✔ Same Day Wood Borer Control

You can also recruit us on the same day of booking. Whether it’s corn borer treatment or stem borer treatment that you need. Feel free to speak to us. 

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Are Termites And Wood Borers Different?

Yes, termites and wood borers are different pests.

How To Figure Out A Damage Done By Wood Borer?

Here are some signs that suggest wood borer damage.

Exit holes
Crumbling and damaged wood
Floorboard damage

Are Your Services Feasible On Sundays?

Yes, you can enjoy our services throughout the year even on Sundays.