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There are around 4600 roach species in the world. Moreover, cockroaches are the most common pests that are highly likely to infest your commercial and residential premises. Furthermore, these are the pests that most people are scared of. And they should be because roaches carry microbes that can be very harmful to humans. They can be seen in damp, unsanitary, places or in places where you prepare food. 

If your property has been infested with these monsters, reach out to Pest Control Hoppers Crossing. We are a high-ranking cockroach control company in Hoppers Crossing. Our company provides you with an expert cockroach control Hoppers Crossings team to eliminate the infestation. Plus we do our jobs at a budget-friendly price. So, connect with us today to make your property a better place to live. 

cockroach control hoppers crossings

The Different Types Of Roaches That Are Likely To Infest Your Property

  1. German Cockroaches

These roaches are oval. They have an antenna and six legs. You can spot them very easily in Hoppers Crossings. They can be dark to light brown. They are most likely to be seen in the places where people eat or prepare food. However, you can also spot them in bathrooms. 

  1. Brown Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded roaches have bands around their wing area. The wings of male roaches are bigger than female roaches. These species mostly hide and lay their eggs in furniture. Moreover, they have dark brown coloured bodies. 

  1. Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are large. They have a dark but shiny body. The places where you can find an oriental roach consists of drains, sewers. All the dirty places you can think of. They usually infest the basements of your residential and commercial properties. 

  1. American Cockroaches

This species of roaches is brownish-red in colour and they also have a yellowish hue. They are most likely reside in basements and sewers. 

Why Are Roaches Not Good Housemates?

  • Unpleasant Odour: You can always smell a roach infestation. These pests can be very smelly. Through their outer shell and mouth, these pests spread a disgusting odour all-around your property. So, smelling a terrible roach odour is a red flag that your house has an infestation. 
  • Disease Outspread: Not only do roaches carry pathogenic bacterias but they also carry non-pathogenic bacterias. These bacterias can be the reason for many diseases like asthma, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, it is very crucial to eliminate all the roaches from your property. 
  • Contaminate Food Items: Cockroaches are nocturnal pests. Therefore, you are unable to spot them in the daylight. They roam around your house at night. That is when they contaminate your food supplies. They excrete on your food which spreads all the bacterias around. Moreover, they also have a walk around all your dishes. 
  • Invite More Pests: If you have roaches in your property. This means that either your home has an unhygienic environment or a humid temperature. Both these factors attract a lot of pests around your property. 

Cockroach Control Services That You Can Book From Us

✔ Cockroach Inspection And Removal

Our spraying for cockroaches will make sure that your property is completely roach-less. You can count on us for cockroach removal because we are equipped with the best tools for extermination. Apart from that, the cockroach pest control techniques we use are top-notch. Drop us a call now. 

✔ Domestic Cockroach Control

Our company is well-known for the best home cockroach control services. With our friendly team, our customers can easily communicate which makes the extermination process quicker. Because by listening to our customer’s desires and observations, we do a great job and make them happy. 

✔ Restaurant Cockroach Control

If you want a restaurant free from roaches as soon as possible. You can book us for cockroach fumigation. The pesticides we use for cockroach fumigation do not consist of any harsh chemicals. Moreover, all our cockroach treatments are eco-friendly. So, have a safe and affordable cockroach control service. 

✔ Pre-purchase Cockroach Inspection

Are you looking for properties to invest in? Well, make sure that the pre-purchase cockroach inspection service is in your property investment checklist. If you want an affordable offer then reach out to us for a pre-purchase cockroach inspection. We will charge you a fair price with plenty of other benefits. 

✔ Emergency Cockroach Control Service

Our trained cockroach exterminators are always prepared to execute a cockroach extermination process. We always carry all the equipment, pesticides to do our job anywhere at any time. So, if you ever need a professional cockroach exterminator for top-quality services then you can give us a ring. 

✔ Same Day Cockroach Control

Are you free today but forgot to book an appointment for cockroach control? Well, what if tell you that we also take same-day bookings. Yes, it is true. You can book our professionals by giving us a call for same-day cockroach control. Moreover, there is no extra charge involvement in this matter. 

Why Hire Us For Cockroach Removal? 

  • Our services are bookable 24*7. Yes, you can book us even at midnight. 
  • We have professional exterminators to help you out. 
  • You can connect with us for a free quotation.
  • So, all our extermination practices are safe for pets, children, elders, and adults. 
  • Our company’s services are available at a reasonable price range. 
  • Also, all the techniques and equipment we use assure complete satisfaction of the clients. 

Where Can You Book Our Cockroach Control Services? 

You can book our services in all the outskirts areas of Hoppers Crossings including Little River, Point Cook, Werribee, etc. 

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Roach Infestation?

Egg capsules shed skin, roach droppings, spotting living roaches, are some symptoms of roach infestations.

Are You Available For Emergency Services In Williams Landing?

Yes, feel free to book us anywhere near Hoppes Crossings

Do You Charge Extra To Work On Public Holidays?

No, the charges are the same no matter when you book us.