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Birds can create a lot of nuisance when they start invading your property. There are many entry spots for birds to infest your premises. Moreover, they often start nesting in your balcony or backyard which further invited more birds. If you have been facing a bird issue for a long time now then contact Pest Control Hoppers Crossing. Our bird control Hoppers Crossing teamwork in the best manner to eliminate birds from in and around your property. Apart from creating a disturbance, birds are known for a lot of nasty things for instance, 

  • They are capable of property damage. They can block your gutters with nesting materials, dislodging your roof tiles, leaving their bacteria-infused droppings, and building nests. 
  • Some pest birds can also be very aggressive. They can attack your family, employees. 
  • They carry a lot of insects like lice, fleas, ticks, mites, etc. All these insects can transmit severe diseases and can be harmful to your health. 

So, book an appointment with us now before any of such events take place. 

bird control hoppers crossing

Our Bird Control And Bird Extermination Techniques

  • Bird Baiting: This is a long bird control procedure. To execute bird baiting, we first feed the birds for 15 days. Then on the last day, we use an immobilizing solution on the baiting which helps in pacifying the bird. After that, we safely remove the bird from your property. 
  • Bird Trapping: We carry out this method of bird pest control in a safe environment where birds have nowhere to go. We leave perfect bait for the bird to attract them towards the cage. Once the bird enters the cage, we close the cage and remove the bird from your property. 
  • Bird Shooting: There are some bird species that are classified as pests. For such bird infestations, the Australian government has made it legal to use a culling treatment. However, this is execution solution is only used when the other bird removal methods do not work.

Bird Removal Services Our Company Offers 

✔ Birds Inspection And Removal

Do you know that even birds are known to carry and transmit a lot of diseases? Moreover, they can also expose you to several insects. So, birds are not only mischievous but they are also hazardous for your health. This is why you should recruit professionals to prevent your family from birds. Contact us today for bird control and birds nest removal services. 

✔ Emergency Bird Control Service

A flock of birds has infested your property? Birds can infest your property in groups. There is nothing to stress about. Just pick up your phone and speak to us for immediate assistance. We will send our bird exterminators to your location soon after your call. Moreover, there is no additional cost if you book us for emergency bird control. 

✔ Pre-purchase Birds Inspection

Not only you should have a pre-purchase bird inspection but you should also get bird proofing before you plan on moving. Because of is home to multiple bird species, Hoppers Crossing is prone to bird infestations. So, make sure only purchase a property that is free from a bird infestation. Also, do not forget to get bird proofing and pigeon proofing before you move in. 

✔ Domestic Birds Control

Is your house roof full of birds in the evening? Well, you can always contact us for bird removal from the roof. We know that roofs are the area that is most likely to get infested. So, if you need a bird proofing roof then as well you can count on us. Moreover, because we work to make our clients comfortable. We do not charge an unreasonable amount of money. 

✔ Restaurant Bird Control

As mentioned above, birds’ droppings alone can cause a lot of health issues. If you are running a restaurant, you have to provide a safe and peaceful environment to your customers. To achieve that, you will have to get rid of all the birds that have been invading your premises. You can also call us for bird deterrents to protect your restaurant from birds in the future. 

✔ Same Day Bird Control

Are you urgently looking for a pigeon control expert? You are where you are supposed to be. Pest Control Hoppers Crossing also renders same-day bird control services. We believe that our clients deserve all the comfort that they need. So, if there is some emergency and you forgot to book an appointment with us. You can call us for same-day bird control services. 

Different Types Of Bird Prevention And Proofing Methods We Use

  • Birds Spikes: This method involves the installation of spikes along pipes, walls, frameworks, and other areas to prevent bird roosting. 
  • Bird Coil And Wire: The use of this is similar to bird spikes. The difference is that coil and wires are used to protect larger grounds. Moreover, you can get them electrified to give an electric shock to the bird. 
  • Bird Netting: We can also install bird-nettings in your balcony or roof to prevent any bird intrusion. 

Why Should You Consider Our Bird Pest Control Treatments?

  • All our bird control treatments are eco-friendly. We do not use any harmful chemicals.
  • Also, our bird nets are transparent and are strong enough to provide long-term protection. 
  • We are delivering premium quality control services at pocket-friendly prices. 
  • Moreover, our experts are always on the scheduled time.

24/7 Expert Same Day Services

Enjoy Our Services In All The Nearby Suburbs

Our services are not only for people living in Hoppers Crossings to enjoy. People living near the city can also get the benefit of our bird treatments. Whether you need us in Little River, Tarneit, Werribee, or Williams landing. 


Which Birds Are Likely To Infest Properties?

Feral pigeon, common starling, common myna, house sparrow, welcome swallow, seagull, are the birds that infest properties.

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Yes, you can call us for any help 24*7.

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Yes. We are available round the clock.