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Hire Never-Rebounding Ant Control Services In Hoppers Crossing 

For more than decades now, Pest Control Hoppers Crossing has been a leader of this industry. We offer a broad scope of residential and commercial ant pest control services throughout the Hoppers Crossing local. These range from white ant inspection to professional ant removal. We also specialise in white any treatment, carpenter ant treatment, fumigation for ants and few more. 

In addition to this, we assure you to provide the highest standard of ant treatment. It is a vital step to invest in pre-purchase inspection as it alleviates your ant control issues. So, choose us. Call us for a free quote today!  

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Details About Few Main Ant Species Throughout Hoppers Crossing

  • Bull Ants: As the name itself suggests bull ants, they appear to be quite intimidating and fierce. You can see these species tending to be black or red in colour. Also, they can grow upto 18 to 20 mm in length. 
  • Pharaoh Ants: Pharaoh kind of species have black eyes with 2 segments at their pedicel. These species are classified as follows: 
  • Workers- Yellow-brown in colour with brown stomach and are 1.5 to 2 mm long.
  • Males- Black in colour with wings and its length is about 3 mm. 
  • Queen- Has wings and are dark red in colour which grows upto 3.5 to 6 mm long.
  • Coastal Brown Ants: Coastal brown ants build their nests in garden areas and indoors of homes. Even though their name says “coastal” brown ants, they are the pests which live all across Hoppers Crossing’s suburbs. 
  • Black House Ants: These species are black, shiny and commonly called Ochetellus. In fact, this type of ants can grow for about 2.5 to 3 mm in length. 

Variety Of Ant Control Services 

Ant Inspection And Removal

White ants appear and do harm to your home same as termites by eating through the wooden things. It is best if you do not take chances with them. Hence, the instant need of our house white ants control. Our experts do the best white ant inspection and white ant treatment. Looking for an effective team of ant control near me? Opt us. 

Same Day Ant Control

Carpenter ants are the most problematic type of ants, because, just to build their nest, they excavate the complete wood of your home. This is indeed serious! So, call us the next minute for Hoppers Crossing best carpenter ant treatment.

Emergency Ant Control Service

By pouring 2 to 3 cups of hot boiling water on the nest of fire ants will kill about just 60%. However, this is not your all time solution to completely remove fire ants. Therefore, contact our ant control Hoppers Crossing team of experts to kill them completely with our fair and treatment; we also use fire ant baits. 

Domestic Ant Control

There are about 10,000 known ant species all around the world. So, does fumigation for ants type of treatment kill away all any type of ants? Yes, it will absolutely sweep them off. In fact, our fumigators, also known as eco-friendly foggers supposedly kill ants off, certainly giving a long lasting approach. 

Restaurant Ant Control

Brown ants come to your home especially during the rainy season looking for any kind of food source. But, you need to stop them right there at the entry. Thus, do not be in a dilemma for hiring professional ant removal services like ours. 

Pre-purchase Ant Inspection

Noticing black ants in your garden means you have a larger outdoor infestation at your hand. However, controlling and removing black ants is easier said than done. Thus, to possibly remove those infestations from your garden, book our organic ant control services right now. 

Emergency Service At Affordable Costs In Hoppers Crossing

With an immense understanding of the ant damage to extreme extent, we have developed an in-home integrated plan for ant pest control. Did you know we have local experts for every region across Hoppers Crossing? Indeed, we do. So, with the help of these local experts, we inspect the situation in your home or pre-purchased home at the site. 

After that, we employ a specialised method as ant treatment. In fact, our ant inspection cost, ant exterminator cost and also white ant treatment cost are nowhere near high prices. Your concerns are on our checklist, so our service costs are always down to earth. 

Why Is There A Need To Hire Our Ant Control Services? 

  • Eco-friendly Biopesticides: We are the experienced ant exterminators throughout Hoppers Crossing who use biopesticides to control ants. In fact, the solutions we use are safe, eco-friendly and environmentally great! 
  • Local Exterminators: We provide the quickest possible services with our dedicated local experts of Hoppers Crossing. Our local experts are ready any time to reach your place once you book them.  
  • Friendly Pricing Service: Find white ant treatment, fire ant treatment, carpenter ant treatment, etc at friendly pricing at our company. Why friendly prices? We care for your pockets. 
  • Top-Quality Service: As we believe in providing exceptional results to satisfy our clients, we make sure to avail the top-quality services to them. Thus, we received top ratings for our services till today and we are sure this will continue in future too. 

24/7 Expert Same Day Services


What steps can I take to keep ants away from my Geelong home?

Mostly, ants only come inside your home for the source of food. Sticky and sweet substances attract them the most. So, it is necessary to clean up any liquid spillages and food as soon as possible. Also, cover the food storage areas and seal away the entering points like cracks in your window and door frames.

How do I prevent ants from entering my place?

Clean up the food spills and food crumbs immediately
Store food in airtight containers and also keep containers in cabinets or refrigerator
Make sure you are not leaving any leftover food in your pet bowl
Trim the greenery regularly outside your place and empty out the bins regularly
Seal off cracks

Does your ant control team provide carpenter ant treatment in the suburbs of Hoppers Crossing? 

Yes, our Ant Control Hoppers Crossing team provides carpenter ant treatment all around the suburbs of Hoppers Crossing. Those suburbs are– Point Cook, Tarneit, Little River and a few more.