How To Spot Mice In The Home

Mice in your house can create disaster, for both the house as well as for the humans. If you wish to save your home from costly problems then prevention is the key. You can follow the below points to find the mice in the house and can prevent your house from their attack. Let’s know about them.

6 Sign That You Have Mice At Home

1. Smell

One of the signs that indicate the mice attack your house is a musky odour in the house. When mice enter the house, they will create a mess and leave drops in the house even outside also. With time they start stinking and give a smell in every corner of your house. Due to this strong smell, you can find the mice attack in your house and go for the prevention method.

2. Greasy Stains

Mice have fat on their fur that leaves visible marks on the wood and floor when they come over it or come in contact. The mice run in the same place again and again. So, their fat can build up an expensive and heavy stain on the place. If you find a discoloured area, it is also a sign of mice in the house.

3. Dropping

If you notice a dropping smell in the house, then start looking for dropping throughout the house as well. Start from the corners. Mice droppings are a warning sign. Mice can spread diseases such as hantavirus, rat-bite fever and the bubonic plague. 

Dropping generally looks like brown rice. But it varies with the mice species. Do not focus on species, all mice are harmful for you.

4. Burrow In The Garden 

Mice build their burrow in the garden for nest and shelter. The common mice construct their burrow underground. You can give an inspection in your garden for the burrows. Make sure to check along walls, under garbage piles, or under concrete slabs as well. 

5. Sounds

Mice are pests with nocturnal activity. You can find their presence in the house with their sound of individuals running, fighting, gnawing or scratching materials at night. So, you can give an inspection at the night time to hire the presence of mice. The suitable time is after 12.

6.  Observation Of Living And Dead Individual

The observation of live or dead mice is a sure sign of infection of mice. So make sure about it themselves or ask for the professional.

Call For Mice Control Expert

Mice enter the house from the small holes or cracks. They enter the house themselves in the search of food and survival. To get rid of mice and their attack in the house, then you should contact us. We are a leading company that deals with all kinds of pest control in Hoppers Crossing. Our pest control experts use eco-friendly ways to help you. Although, our insecticide and sprays are high grades that give an instant solution. Moreover, we are very easy to book. Just call us on 03 4050 7852 and we will reach you.