How To Determine The Type Of Wood Borer Infestation

The article begins with three common types of wood-boring insects: the red-backed carpenter bee, the northern chinch bug, and the southern pine beetle. The article continues by explaining how to identify these different pests and what treatments they need to survive. You can follow prevention tips for borer control that will help.

What Is A Wood Borer Infestation?

Wood borers are small insects that live in the wood of trees. They feed on the sap of the tree, which can cause damage to the tree’s branches, trunk, and roots. Wood borers are most common in North America but can also be found in other parts of the world. There are different types of wood borers, and each type can cause different types of damage. If you’re concerned about a wood borer infestation, it’s important to know what type of wood borer is involved and how to identify the damage it causes.

How To Identify The Type Of Wood Borer Infestation

Wood borers are some of the most destructive pests in the home. These pests can cause extensive damage to wood surfaces, furniture and even structural components of a home.

There are many different types of wood borers, but all share one common trait: they tunnel through the surface of wood. Knowing which type of wood borer is infesting your property is the first step in protecting it from extensive damage.

Here Are Three Methods For Identifying The Type Of Wood Borer Infestation:

1) Look for tunnels or galleries made by the wood borers on the surface of the wood. Wood borers create these tunnels by feeding on the sap inside the tree. Once they reach the surface, they create large galleries that look like small holes.

2) Look for damage caused by the wood borers to surrounding objects. Infested wood will often have deep cuts and scrapes, as well as areas where the bark has been removed. This damage is usually visible only after the infestation has progressed significantly.

3) Compare the physical characteristics of infested and non-infested wood samples. Infested wood will often have more pronounced grain patterns.

Determining The Type Of Infestation Based On The Size, Location And Other Characteristics

Wood borers are one of the most common pests that can damage wood furniture. There are many different types of wood borers, and it can be difficult to determine which type of wood borer infestation you have. The following tips will help you determine the type of wood borer infestation.

If you have large holes in your lumber, it is likely that you have a termite problem. If you have small holes, however, a wood borer may be the cause. Wood borers will generally only attack softer woods, like pine or spruce. Hardwoods like oak or maple are less likely to be affected.

Location is also important when diagnosing a wood borer infestation. If the hole is in the middle of a board, it is likely that a wood borer is involved. If the hole is near the edge of a board, it may be from dry rot or decay.

Other characteristics can also help identify the type of wood borer infestation. If there is evidence of eggs or larvae, it is likely that you have an insect problem like termites or carpenter ants.

The Type Of Wood Borer That Might Be In Your Home

If you are like most homeowners, you probably have dozens of questions about wood borer infestations. What are they? How do I know if I have them? How can I get rid of them?

In this blog post, we will answer these questions and provide tips on how to determine the type of wood borer infestation in your home.

What Are Wood Borers?

Wood borers are small beetles that feed on the sapwood (the thin layer of wood directly beneath the bark) of trees and other wooden objects. They can cause severe damage to wooden structures, including homes.

How do I know If I Have Wood Borer Infestations?

The best way to determine if you have a wood borer infestation is to inspect your home for evidence of damage. Look for holes in the walls or floors where the beetles might be entering the structure; check any untreated wooden surfaces for signs of chewing or pilferage; and look for beetle larvae or adult beetles inside or outside the home. You can also purchase a beetle detection kit from your local home improvement store.

How Can I Get Rid Of Wood Borer Infestations?

Home Detection Methods

There are a few easy ways to determine if you have an infestation of wood borers. The first is to take a look at your home’s exterior. If you notice that any of your trim or siding is missing, or if there are any holes in it, then you may have a problem. Wood borers are notorious for tunneling through wood, so any signs of damage could mean that they’re around.

Another way to detect an infestation is by checking your yard. If you see any evidence of them (such as damaged logs or shredded wood), then it’s likely that they’re present. If you don’t have access to your yard, then you can try using a white light spotlight to see if they’re hiding in the wood. If you see them, be sure to take pictures and document the area so that you can get rid of the pests without damaging anything else.

Treatment Methods

When it comes to wood borers, there are basically three types that homeowners may encounter: the common house borer, the eastern tent caterpillar and the brown-banded oakworm. All three of these pests are attracted to a variety of different kinds of wood, so it’s important to know what kind of wood your home is made out of in order to determine which type of treatment is necessary.

In general, the most common house borer is found on hardwood floors, drywall and other areas where wood meets other materials. Treatment for this type of infestation usually involves sealing off the affected area with a sealant and treating it with an insecticide. Eastern tent caterpillars are also generally found on hardwood floors, but they also like to eat tree bark, so they can be more difficult to treat. If you suspect that you have an eastern tent caterpillar infestation, you’ll need to call a professional pest control. Brown-banded oakworms are very destructive pests that can eat through large sections of wood in minutes – so if you find evidence of them in your home, it’s important to call a professional immediately.

Borers are the pests that can create issues for sure and hence you should work towards borer control. They thrive in gardens and in areas where there would be ample green vegetation. But, sometimes they may even get entry into the home. Often they would be found in the trunk of the trees and then they may also be in the furniture. You can follow a few borer treatments tips that will help. 

Borer Control
Borer Control

Check the options as given below.

Reduce the content of moisture in your home

You must reduce the moisture content in your home and for that, you will have to add a dehumidifier in your home. There are also other solutions that you can think of and these include removing mold, using anti-moisture chemicals on the wall, and so on. These beetles are attracted in the area where there are too many watery things or moisture and hence you must take the relevant measures.

Seal the gaps and cracks from where the pests make an entry

You will see that the pests would make an entry from the gaps that are there. So, it would be better if you check the relevant things. If your home has too many cracks then it would be prudent to seal them all for borer control. When there are gaps at the windows or door then you should call the carpenter and immediately take measures to remove those gaps or fill them up.

If you suspect a small infestation in wood then get rid of that plank 

If you happen to find that there are just a bit of beetle or borers in the wooden plank or some piece of furniture then you need to remove that from your home. Just get rid of the infected wood and see how you will reduce the chances of borers spreading. This is one of the best ways of making your life better. You can’t live in a  place where there are too many pests like borers, fire ants and so on. 

With the above major methods, it is for sure that you can make the relevant pest solutions. Often, people think that the planks of wood would be boring. Well, if you get the prevention methods then that can help. Call a professional pest control company. If your home has pest control solutions then there would be better things that you can work upon. Plan things in such a way that you can keep pests and borers away.


People happen to use over-counter pesticides but what makes a major difference is how you need to take the valid solutions. If you know what things are going to work for you then a lot can be achieved in the right ways. The above preventive solutions can help you in making your life easy. This will provide you with the right options for sure. Be ready to take the relevant ideas and those ideas will bring in better solutions to make your home pest-free.

Are you also anxious about the harmful diseases and illness which birds can transmit to you and cause heavy harm to you?

Then surely this article is for you. Bird control could be a very difficult and complex task for the homeowners who have literally no experience in this field. In this article we will reveal some of the common diseases which birds usually carry. This may cause harm to your health.

The major problem about bird infections is that they can spread very quickly to a larger community of people. So this will make it more complex to understand and put it under control with expert pest control.

Usually they carry three types of diseases which are Fungal, Viral & Bacterial.

  • Bacterial: These kinds of diseases can occur very commonly. They can originate by consumption or coming in contact with the living harmful organism dropped by the birds to your edible food item or even drink. This may cause you headache, fever, diarrhea, vomiting and even nausea when initiated in the surrounding air. As soon as you come up with any of the symptoms, contact a doctor and perform a recovery procedure.
  • Fungal: This type of disease spreads by coming in contact with the feces left by the birds which contain various organisms. This may cause heavy loss to your health and make you a victim of such diseases. They are used as a breeding  ground and cause damage to you. It could be produced by the inhaling process of the infected air with the presence of such harmful organisms in it.
  • Viral: These types of diseases are produced when a virus, transmitted by the birds invades the host body. This will infect him in many ways. It is important to consult a doctor. You notice any possible symptoms of bird flu or diseases. Pest inspection is necessary to keep yourself safe. 
  • Bird Flu: The birds transfer very common diseases into the human bodies. Many people would surely be aware how this flu spread to you. You can follow possible attempts to keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of the bird flu. So it is important how to perform the recovery procedure. According to the reports of the WHO, they have justified that bird flu could be caused by the consumption of raw infected blood in food.


In this article, we have provided the information about the major types of diseases which birds carry and may easily transmit to you and may cause harm to your health. So the birds cause different types of diseases. The main and common ones are present in this article. Consider performing Bird Control as well as Pest Control to keep yourself away and safe from these harmful diseases as well as the harmful effects caused by the birds. You can even hire professional Bird Control services. So in this way you can keep yourself safe from the Birds and keep your house clean and hygienic. Professional pest control service providers use the best way to remove the pest from your house.